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Renowned musician Aleksey Igudesman shares expert advice on concert scheduling, invaluable insights on what musicians need to build successful careers. and the invaluable support Vida Art Management offers. With his wealth of experience, Igudesman guides aspiring musicians through the intricacies of building successful careers, offering practical insights into navigating the music industry. Additionally, he sheds light on the role of Vida Art Management in supporting artists on their journey to success. Watch the video to discover firsthand how Vida Art Management can be a pivotal ally in helping musicians thrive in a competitive industry.



Dariusz Mizera

Dariusz Mizera is aware that musicians' lives are far more difficult than the common person realizes. It takes a lot of effort to perform under pressure, speak to the press, or go on stage. In addition to helping you play better, his coaching aims to help you reach your full potential so you can thrive on stage.

Absolute trust is the cornerstone of a successful session. Dariusz will assist you in finding the solutions that are within of you because you are the one who knows yourself the best. The goal of coaching is to guide you to satisfying and helpful answers through an interactive process of development using psychological techniques. You have already begun moving toward the future if you are open to change.

You spend hours perfecting your musical skills, but you don't realize how much success depends on your attitude. You can get better and faster outcomes with less work if you have a positive outlook. You can live a better life by getting rid of burdens or bad habits.


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