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Miguel Berzal de Miguel

Opera Singers / Tenor


“Literature, cinema, and music are part of me. I feel a great calling, a great passion, and a great respect for my professions. Singing is the most demanding sport I have ever practiced. When I write, direct, or sing, I feel that I’m in the right place: I feel at home”.

(Polo De’Marco Magazine 2022, Monaco)


Miguel Berzal de Miguel is a talented young Spaniard whom the renowned German conductor Christian Schumann defined as “an artistic soul”.

This young man is simultaneously developing his career as a writer, film director, and lyric tenor with four books, four films, and a powerful metallic voice.

As a writer, we should highlight El refugio  (The Refuge – among the best-selling books in Casa del Libro in the summer of 2012 and a critical success after its second edition in 2022), Entre parientes (Among Relatives - Finalist in the 2016 Premio Gregorio Samsa and a sales success at the 2017 Madrid Book Fair), Las horas muertas (The Dead Hours – Finalist in the 10th Premios Literarios Ediciones Oblicuas and one of the top ten best-selling books in Spain in the autumn of 2021) and Náuseas & La hiedra (Nausea & The Ivy - Ápeiron Ediciones, 2019). His books are highly regarded by a wide national, international, and academic audience, and as of 2021, his works can be read at the prestigious Princeton University (USA).

“Family, friends, co-workers, that dark or shining night which is the solitude of each individual … Even in the most extraordinary and infrequent events, Miguel Berzal de Miguel seems to whisper to us that the most mysterious thing we have is our everyday life”.

Todo Literatura (Spain)


Everyday life and beauty are blended with the darkest and vilest parts of humanity.

AISGE (Spain)


“Unsettling characters who are distanced from the apparent routine of the metropolis. Normal-seeming families who end up embracing darkness… Refreshing dialogue and a close narrative, with nothing extraneous”.

Más Leer (Spain)


As a film director and script writer, he has four films to his credit (three shorts and a feature film): Cuidar a Ruth (Taking Care of Ruth, 2014), Un encuentro (An Encounter, 2015), Nomeolvides (Forget-me-nots, 2016) and Sin novedad (No News, 2018) which have won critical acclaim as well as awards. His films have been praised by jury panels, critics, and audiences at several of the most important international film festivals in the world, including the Cleveland International Film Festival, HollyShorts Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival, Dances with Films, and Västerås Film Festival. Sin novedad (2018) garnered 19 selections for the 2019 Premios Goya and 7 selections for the Premios Forqué (including Best Film). After its premiere, the prestigious Spanish cultural media association, AISGE, described it as a jewel of independent Spanish cinema, and it has won as many as 80 awards.


“A short film is usually an ephemeral film, in other words, one that’s talked about for a very short time (one year or two at the most because immediately afterwards new shorts, new festival editions, etc. come out). However, “Cuidar a Ruth” (Taking Care of Ruth), “Un encuentro” (An Encounter), and “Nomeolvides” (Forget-me-nots) to this day are still receiving recognition from critics as well as from the public, even as the years pass. And that is something quite remarkable, a great achievement that should be newsworthy”.

TimeJust (Spain)


Sin novedad (No News, 2018): The evil of ordinary people. One of the most interesting films on the national scene in the last few years. One of those films about which any fan of quality cinema is talking. One of the most talented young European filmmakers. One of the jewels of our modern cinema”.

Madrid Diario (Spain)


In television, he worked on three seasons of the famous series Amar es para siempre (Loving is Forever). He also worked as a presenter on an environmental network.

In addition to his formal academic training, this lyric tenor from Madrid has trained with some of the great names in music, such as the renowned baritone Rodrigo Esteves (of whom he is the sole student), the great tenor Charles Castronovo (of whom he was the only regular student), the eminent bassbaritone Andrew Foster-Williams (Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music in London), the composer Javier Berzal de Miguel (one of the Goya Awards’ youngest Best Original Music candidates in the history of Spanish cinema), the virtuoso pianist Pablo Arencibia, and organist and composer María Luisa Arencibia.

“His personal and powerful metallic voice pierces your heart like a knife and excites”.

(Film Daily News, USA)


“His distinctive metallic voice betrays the depth of his emotion, as noted by the great tenor Charles Castronovo and the great baritone Rodrigo Esteves. Miguel Berzal de Miguel is an all-around artist who has always faced life, transforming it into art, declining it in all its many enchanting facets. His artistic ambivalences are fully expressed through his engaging, intense and evocative works”.

(Luxury Investment Magazine, Switzerland)



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