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Miguel Berzal de Miguel

Opera Singers / Tenor


Miguel Berzal de Miguel is a Spanish lyric tenor. In addition to his formal academic training, this lyric tenor from Madrid has trained with some of the great names in music, such as the renowned baritone Rodrigo Esteves (of whom he was the sole student), the great tenor Charles Castronovo (of whom he was the only regular student), the eminent bass-baritone Andrew Foster-Williams (Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music, London), the composer Javier Berzal de Miguel (one of the Premios Goya’ youngest Best Original Music candidates in the history of Spanish cinema), the virtuoso pianist Pablo Arencibia (Contemporary Keyboard Studio Professor, University of South Florida, USA), and the organist and composer María Luisa Arencibia (Professorship of Music Theory, Fundación Calcaño, and Order of Santa Cecilia, Venezuela).

He has been awarded two International Opera Awards: 3rd prize at Poland’s International Music Competition Classical Stars 2023 (supported by the prestigious Universal Maestro Society) in 4 categories: Master of Music, Best Baroque Performer, Best Interpretation of an Aria, and Best Opera Singer; Honorable Mention Award at Las Conchillas International Music Competition 2024, Chile (supported by the World Piano Teachers Association of Canada). At both competitions, he was the unique Spanish voice awarded for his powerful and emotional interpretation of the aria "Ombra mai fù" from "Serse" by Handel (Classical Music Magazine RITMO, Spain).

For his performances, he has received great reviews from national and international media:

  • Film Daily (USA): “His personal and powerful metallic voice pierces your heart like a knife and excites”.
  • Christian Schumann (Conductor): “An artistic soul” (“Un alma artística”).
  • Culturamas (Spain): “The artistic soul. The Madrilean tenor’s powerful voice: pure emotion, fragility, and elegance”.
  • Madrid Norte 24 horas (Spain): “A marvelous spinto lyric voice with a characteristic and personal metallic sound”.
  • Luxury Investment Magazine (Switzerland): “His distinctive metallic voice betrays the depth of his emotion, as noted by the great tenor Charles Castronovo and the great baritone Rodrigo Esteves”.

On the other hand, Miguel Berzal de Miguel:

As a writer, we should highlight "El refugio" (The Refuge, 2012), "Entre parientes" (Among Relatives, 2016), "Las horas muertas" (The Dead Hours, 2017), "Náuseas & La hiedra" (Nausea & The Ivy, 2019), and "La oración de Sǔn Shī" (Sǔn Shī's prayer, 2023).

As a film director and scriptwriter, he has four films to his credit: "Cuidar a Ruth" (Taking Care of Ruth, 2014), "Un encuentro" (An Encounter, 2015), "Nomeolvides" (Forget-me-nots, 2016), and "Sin novedad" (No News, 2018).

  • The British Thoughts Magazine (United Kingdom): “One of Spain’s upcoming artistic personalities. A man of many talents, Miguel’s achievements have been lauded by numerous awards”.
  • Vessel Lifestylish Magazine (USA): “Miguel stands out as an undeniable talent of this generation, consistently demonstrating his expertise and skills across various domains. He is a multi-talented artist worth following”.





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