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Virtual Personal Assistant

Keep your life running smoothly, perfect your art, concentrate on your music and enjoy your free time with friends and family. Leave the rest to your Personal Artist Assistant.”

A personal assistant is your guardian angel, your secretary, a person you can count on every day for your career improvement. It is your “right” hand backing up your talent with the management of your daily professional routines and obligations.

We are the agency that deals with the service of a personal assistant.

  • Do you guarantee concerts?
    We do not guarantee to book a concert, but we can help and do everything in our power to arrange them. Numerous factors depend on your musical skills, choice of repertoire, and brand.
  • What is a personal assistant?
    A personal assistant is your guardian angel, your secretary, a person you can count on every day for anything you need. A personal assistant is your “right” hand and someone without whom no one can do today.
  • What is our aim?
    The aim is to keep your life running smoothly so you have more free time to enjoy with your family, at work, with friends and to concentrate more on music.
  • What are the main duties of our assistant?
    The basic duty of the assistant is to send offers on behalf of the artist to various festivals, theaters, opera houses, and orchestras. We can give suggestions to you, but ultimately you decide what you want.
  • What do I get from Vida Art Agency?
    We help artists to compile an appropriate offer for different types of repertoire depending on which institutions are contacted.
  • Can you help me with my CV or biography?
    Yes, we do correct CV and biography and also translation to German and English.
  • What document do I get from you?
    The assistant will forward a report on the institutions that are contacted.
  • Can you help me with the administration of the concert I have scheduled?
    Yes, when you have arranged concerts, we can help with contracts, negotiations, and travel arrangements. It’s just yours to go there and perform.
  • Can you help me with promotions?
    We give you advice on how to improve your image and we will work on promoting you.
  • Can you help me with social media marketing?
    Yes, we do professional management of social networks.

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