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How to Spot Musical talent in your Child

May 10, 2022

How to Spot Musical talent in your Child



They are always humming to tunes that they’ve heard before


Most musically gifted children are always singing or humming to tunes they have heard before. You may notice that your little one is exceptionally good at remembering melodies and other musical information. They may also find pleasure in recreating tunes they have heard somewhere else. This behavior is one of the most common indicators that your child is inherently musically talented. Once you notice that they are always humming or singing, introducing them to a musical instrument may be a good time.




They may notice when an instrument is out of tune or when a song plays in a different key.


Most parents who have musically talented kids tend to recall memories of their kids noticing when songs were out of tune. It is typical for this characteristic to be the first thing parents notice to be aware of their kid’s aptitude for music and rhythm. Some melodies and keys may seem okay to you or other people, but they sound different to a musically talented child. It could be a result of their heightened sensitivity to sounds. People with an above-average musical talent majorly portray this tendency. Musically gifted kids tend to have perfect pitch, which means they can identify a note immediately after hearing it.


They have a keen focus on music.


Most young children tend to have limited attention spans, and they will find it hard to concentrate on a single thing for extended periods. However, with musically talented kids who have the natural gift of understanding music easily, they are not likely to get bored when listening to even longer pieces of music. They can listen to music for a long time without moving on to other activities. You will find them with a sustained focus on their toy instruments, trying to make up their songs. While it is pretty typical for children of all ages to love music, musically talented kids tend to have a surprisingly long focus on music.


They spend a lot of time fiddling with musical instruments.


Musical instruments tend to be like magnets to musically talented children, and they are always attracted to musical instruments. If your kid is musically gifted, you will find them trying out different notes and deriving endless pleasure from experimenting with different sounds. They may even accurately recreate the music they’ve heard before using their toy musical instruments.





They often ask to listen to music.


If you find that your child is constantly bugging you to play their favorite songs on your laptop or phone, you may need to start budgeting for those music classes! Musically talented kids get highly stimulated by music and often want to talk about music.


If your child is always asking to talk about music or listen to it, work on nurturing that. Hone their musical abilities and creative thinking because you could be looking at the next top talent! Be careful not to put too much pressure.




They are constantly finding music in the world.


People with inherent musical intelligence tend to find musical sounds all around them. You may find them tapping objects like pencils rhythmically with musically gifted children. They may pay keen attention to birds chirping or other random sounds like bells. They are generally drawn to the musical sounds of the world. Your musically talented child may also make random noises with their voice trying to echo back the sound they have heard.


They have a rhythmic movement to music.

One of the principal indicators of musical talents in kids is their response to music. Young kids may not have the technical or vocal skills to match the melodies they hear. They, therefore, respond to music by moving their bodies. Musically gifted kids tend to have rhythmic movements in their dance steps. If your child is musically talented, they feel all the elements of the music. You will find them swaying their bodies in good time and tapping their toes correctly to match the beat. These abilities can be displayed even before they reach three years old.


They can play musical instruments by ear.


Children with higher musical ability can figure out songs they have heard before. They can play the melodies on instruments without much training or reading the notes. It is rare for people to have a perfect pitch. But musically talented people can listen and understand sounds automatically. Playing instruments by ear takes time, patience, and lots of practice. If it comes somewhat naturally to your child, the chances are that they are inherently musically talented.


They can hear sounds that most people cannot.


You may find that your child can identify songs by listening to a few notes. In that case, your child is likely musically talented. For musically gifted kids, it is significantly easier to differentiate patterns of sound and different notes easily. They not only memorize tunes they have heard a few times; they are also capable of discriminating various sounds coming from several things. Your child may also imitate sounds from different instruments and notice instrumental parts of a song that are not so obvious.



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