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Classical music in urban times (prevention of burnout)

December 10, 2021

If we take a closer look and look back for a while, we live urban and much faster than before.

Standards have risen, the desires in general and desires of us as human beings have grown - the desire for better and greater is present, but what is that we actually want at the end of the day?

The day of 24 hours is becoming too short for everything that "needs" to be done and there is almost no time left for what we want to do. If there is little time left, we are exhausted, without strength and will, ready to surrender to the world of dreams.

Work, career, meetings, school, children, obligations, kindergarten, household… are some of the obligations that are taken for granted, but where is the time for our peace as people whose brains are not machines, and who, if they do not rest well and enough can literally "burn out".

Did you know that the average person makes over 35,000 decisions a day! This number includes decisions on whether to get up at the time when the alarm rang or to stay in bed a little longer, what dress or suit to wear, what socks to choose, what scarf or watch to wear, what we will have lunch, whether to call a taxi or go on foot… These are all brain activities that consume our brain energy and are actually "unimportant" because they do not contribute much to our lives during the day.

Scientific studies have led to the fact that 82% of young people between 25-35 consult a neurologist once a year due to rapid memory loss, forgetfulness, fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness… This is a very serious figure if we look at the fact that these are young people is a whole life is in front of them.

Unfortunately, this is not the only problem that arises when it comes to the dynamics of life, this is also leading to a poorer quality of life, health problems, but also to the point of "breaking" ourselves. How?

When the human brain is not rested, did not receive enough sleep, enough fuel to work, it is not productive, and it’s leading to which young people would say "bugging". This entails the fact that the person at work does not do his best, that the progress and improvement are further to, catch, and that the time needed to perform simple actions is extended. That is the so-called, burnout.

Not to mention people whose occupations are related to creativity - imagine a person whose job is to write books, songs, poetry, a screenplay for a film, a designer clothes or shoes, write music and compose and live in a time of 120km / h?

It's not easy… you will agree.

But now as you read this you are already wondering if we are just going to expose the problem, why are you reading about burnout on a music site…?

The answer is actually in front of you - classical music is the solution.

Listening to music involves using both hemispheres at the same time. Listening to classical music has a positive effect on the nervous system as well as the brain itself or the brain functions with its waves and relaxes and calms it.

You will admit it yourself, when you play some of the classic music songs of Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Shopen.. you feel pleasant, calm, peaceful, relaxed.

There are people who can't use both hemispheres at the same time - people who are bothered by music while performing certain activities such as reading, writing, speaking… Classical music is an exception for these people because it will not interfere with brain work but will further enhance it so that people who are nervous before a public performance will feel calmer and easier to bear that stress compared to listening to any other genre of music.

The point of this whole problem-solution is that there is a solution if you want some. Relax your brain with some classic music and enjoy that every moment you have for yourself. Day by day you will see progress, an improvement in your work and in lowing level of your everyday stress.

Give yourself time for yourself. Take rest. Get some sleep. Indulge in a book and hot tea. Snuggle into a soft bed to the sounds of classical music and save your brain for quality sleep.

Did you know that 10-15 minutes of listening to classical music at bedtime improves sleep quality by 76%? Try it tonight and let us know tomorrow in the comments, we expect impressions.

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