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Evgenia Markova and Vladimir Kirasirov created the duo in 2010.  

Evgenia Markova started to play music when she was six years old. First time she came to a music school to choose an instrument she heard domra and fell in love with it directly. After finishing the music school in 2002 she entered St Petersburg’s musical college, then continued her study in St Petersburg’s conservatory (academy) the name of Rimsky-Korsakov. Graduated in 2012.

Vladimir Kirasirov has been playing music since 4 years old.He started to take piano lessons with his mother, and then entered a music school. Besides piano, he was interested in other musical instruments, especially – the guitar. In 2002 Vladimir passed into St Petersburg’s musical lyceum, then - St Petersburg’s conservatory (academy) the name of Rimsky-Korsakov. After finishing his education in St-Petersburg in 2011 Vladimir entered the conservatory of Maastricht into the class of Carlo Marchione. After two years he received his Master’s degree in The Netherlands.

Musicians constantly work on repertoire and make arrangements themselves.

Renaissance, baroque, impressionism, folk music as well as Latin-American  music of the 20th century is in the repertoire of the duo.

During the years of playing together Vladimir and Evgenia had performed in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Croatia, Russia and India.

Evgenia and Vladimir often take part in concerts of other musicians from different countries as guest artists.




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