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Raoul Moretti

Instrumentalists / Harp


The Italian-Swiss harpist Raoul Moretti is a versatile and many-sided harpist with a very personal approach to the instrument. After the classical degree and many experiences in chamber music and symphonic Orchestras he started deep research on electro harp, a kaleidoscopic approach between composing and improvisation and using unconventional techniques. This has led him, over the years, to develop an artistic career path in search of a personal style. His many interests have spurred him to engage in different musical worlds and other forms of art.

From here projects evolve, unique, providing several opportunities to collaborate with other artists. Nowadays he’s one of the most innovative harpists with an international trajectory, bringing his harp into different musical worlds (avantgarde, pop-rock, world music, electronics, nu-dance, classic, free improvising) and other forms of art (dance, painting, movie, video-in- installation) and many different ambients (theatre, clubs, disco, houses, streets, stations, medical centers). He played his innovative projects for electro harp, and live electronics in several International Festivals in Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Spain, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, Greece, China, Hong Kong, Paraguay, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, French Caribes, Dominica, Brasil, Argentina e Australia.

In the last years, he has run workshops in different Academies in Italy and Europe about electro harp and electronics and unconventional playing and improvisation. He recorded 4 solo albums for electro harp with original music, and other 15 releases. in 2019 he won the Italian Prize “L’artista che non c’era”. Among the various studio and live collaborations remind the showman Fiorello and his orchestra, playing in the Saturday evening show with Anastacia, L. Kravitz, M. Bublè, P. Daniele, E. Ramazzotti;

The Italian pop star Elisa in Back To The Future Tour 2022, the singer Beppe Dettori won Best Album in the Archivio Cervo2020 Prize and Final of Targhee Tenco2020 with; the world-famous musicians P.. Fresu, Gavino Murgia, Tenores de Bitti, F. Mussida, Corda's et Cannas; the cellist Julia Kent; Il Piccolo Theatre of Milan, the actresses Isabella Carloni and Elena Russo Arman; the writers Michela Murgia and Andrea Melis; the video artists Olo Creative Farm; the bands Maisie and The Vad Vuc, the folksinger Davide Van de Sfroos; Michele Gazich, the project Nickelodeon; the Chinese Wuji Ensemble, the guzheng player Wan Xing, the DJ Max Brigante and Don Joe; his projects with original music composed like the unique Vibrarpa (harp and vibraphone), Essential Duo (harp and voice) and Blue Silk (electro harp & electric guitar and various guests). He’s the creator and Artistic Director of the international Harp Festival “Arpe del Mondo”, which has taken place in South Sardinia since 2015 with artists coming from all over the world with many kinds of different harps.




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