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Duo Perfetto



When the Duo Perfetto 7 years ago wowed the audience of a Sardinian jazz club with Tchaikovsky and Bach, and shortly after winning the TIM  International Chamber Music Competition (1st  place in all 5 rounds), the two young musicians knew they were at the start of a wonderful journey.  

“Two bodies - one soul!” – says pianist Rolando Nicolosi of the Duo Perfetto - in which the deep musicality of the Neapolitan pianist combines with the captivating touch and the incredible virtuosity of the cellist from the Staatskapelle Dresden, creates a blend of extraordinary harmony. Since then, Clorinda Perfetto and Robert Witt have performed in over 300 concerts in Europe and South America, as well as on radio and television programs (EuroRadio, RAI3, RadioVeniceClassic, RadioSintony, Radio3 “Suite”, Sardegna Uno, TCS, Videolina, Radiolinja, Radio Nacional Argentina, Radio Mar del Plata, etc) where they showcased live the 4 CDs for piano and cello.

Through the jazz CDs “Complete Kapustin” (Brilliant Classics) and “From Bonaria to Buenos Aires” (LimenMusic), containing outstanding Sardinian and Argentine music arrangements by Josè Bragato and Astor Piazzolla, Clorinda and Robert explore a new unchartered musical field. In 2018 they recorded their till-then unpublished arrangement of Antonio Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons for harpsichord and cello.

Since 2017 they have performed live several times at “La stanza della music”, a radio program presented by Francesco Antonioni, and at the Cappella Paolina where their “Il Concerto del Quirinale” was broadcast live on EuroRadio and RAIRadio3.

In 2020, during the significant post-covid tour “Vanguardista”, the Duo Perfetto was the first to re-kickstart, after six months of silence, events such as the Internationales Theater Frankfurt, the International Festival “VIVACELLO” in Switzerland, the Goldbekhaus in Hamburg, the Konzertsaal of the Musikinstumenten Museum in Stuttgart, the Konzertsaal of the Christuskirche in Dresden and the International Festival “Musik aus Dresden” in Birkenfeld, as well as the Fraglia Della Vela in Riva del Garda. Through creativity and sacrifice, the two artists faced the multiple challenges of Covid restrictions and the limitations on the maximum capacity of available halls, offering outdoor shows, and relying on their professional amplification and lighting tools and systems.

They also performed twice in a row in the same evening, thrilling vast audiences in Italy, Switzerland, and Germany, and engendering renewed joy and hope.

With “Vino e Musica” in 2021 in Russia, Germany, and Italy and “Piazzolla-Cello-Tango” in Denmark, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland at the Vivacello Festival in 2022, the Duo has expanded the network of international collaborations by building cultural bridges and friendships. Recent years have seen the recording of CDs such as “Le Trascrizioni di San Rocco a Venezia” for cello and harpsichord ( from Vivaldi 4 Seasons ),  “Josè Bragato Anthology”,  “Vino e Musica” and “Piazzolla-Cello-Tango”.


"José Bragato Antology"

All of Bragato's compositions and his transcriptions for Cello of Argentinian and Paraguayan folk music and improvisations in Bragato's style of other famous Argentinian composers.


José Bragato - Milontan Josè Bragato - Vanguardista Josè Bragato Impresionista Josè Bragato - Para Elsita

José Bragato - Graziela y Buenos Aires

José Bragato - Valzer per Laura

José Bragato - La casita de mis viejos Josè Bragato- Se que te perdi

José Bragato - Triste y Samba




"Russian Cello Jazz"


Works by:

Nikolai Kapustin Alexander Rosenblatt

George Gershwin (born Brooklyn,26/09/1898 as Jacob Bruskin Gershowitz) Kapustin: Complete Music for Cello




"Romantic Cello"


Robert Schumann - Fantasiestücke Op. 73 Frèdèric Chopin - Cello Sonata Op.65 Rachmaninoff - Sergei: Vocalise op.34 Rachmaninoff - Cello Sonata Op.19




The Duo Perfetto is pleased to offer you the “From Bonaria to Buenos Aires” program, which includes Spanish, Sardinian ethnic music, and Argentinefolk and tango music by E. Granados, E. Porrino, L. Rachel, P. Iturralde, C.Gardel, J. Bragato, A. Piazzolla.


The audience will musically retrace the journey that, in 1536, the explorer Mendoza undertook from Spain to the shores of the Argentine capital which, at the insistence of the Sardinian sailors on board the ship, was named Buenos Aires in honor of Our Lady of Bonaria, protectress of Sardinia.

The program can also be introduced by the performers themselves in German, English, Russian and Italian.





Piazzolla's music was in the style of his famous friend and mentor, Josè Bragato, who was a cellist and enthusiastic tango arranger and composer. He introduced the cello as an instrument to tango and his legendary arrangements of Piazzolla are unmatched in style and sonority. A unique tango experience with the award-winning Duo Perfetto from Italy which has brought the cello tango from Buenos Aires/Argentina, where it has received several awards for its tango concerts, to Russia, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and on Euroradio.


Press Extracts


Robert Witt throws away his bow and starts drumming on the cello while plucking the upper strings at the same time. Clorinda Perfetto is sitting on a wooden piano stool, and she unexpectedly starts playing a small percussion cymbal - with her hands. Then the duo plays together on the cello: Witt with the bow, Perfetto with her hands, using them as if they were percussion mallets. The audience in the Garden Hall of Wolfsburg Castle goes wild with enthusiasm. The Duo Perfetto is perfect. On Monday evening, at the invitation of the Italian consular agency, they will be playing Italian, Spanish and Argentinian compositions: passionate, pure, rhythmic and lively, melodic and dreamy, full of Mediterranean joie de vivre. This performance is a musical journey from Bonaria to Buenos Aires. Bonaria is a district of Cagliari, the Sardinian capital. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina. When the Spanish sailor Pedro de Mendoza sailed from Sardinia through Spain to Argentina about 500 years ago and landed on the Rio Plata, his Sardinian sailors wanted Bonaria to be the name of the city that they were going to build, that is, Buenos Aires in Spanish. Therefore, the Duo Perfetto plays music following this route; for example compositions of the Spaniard Caspar Cassado (1897 to 1966), Sardinian Ennio Porrino, and Argentine Astor Piazolla. Piazolla's "Oblivion" (Forgotten), begins as a traditional Argentinian tango and transforms into a live classical concert piece. In this way, the old world and the new are united. "Requiebros" (Flatteries), written by Cassado in 1934, demands very good bowing technique, rhythmic security, and a variable vibrato, which Witt does masterfully. He is in a red shirt, she is in a red dress, Robert Witt and Clorinda Perfetto, a native of Dresden, play an outstanding concert.

Music at SS. Apostles. dazebaonews. it is "Complete Kapustin," a new CD by Duo Perfetto. Review ROME - Robert Witt and Clorinda Perfetto - aka Duo Perfetto because of the happy assonance of her last name - to see them playing entertained, flattered by the audience's applause, young, in bright red outfits that fit well with their brunette figures, he with long hair, both tightly-knit, they remind one of the rockstars. They are concerted performers of courtly professionalism, he on cello, she on piano, with a repertoire, highly original, ranging from the most classical to innovative jazz-inspired musical compositions. They performed in Rome in the Immaculate Hall of the Convent of the Holy Apostles in the "Russian Cello Jazz" concert presenting the CD "Complete Rasputin" with music by Chopin, Rasputin, and Gershwin. A success that required two encores. The most striking thing about listening to the Perfect Duo is that their Chopin - to wit, the Sonata in G minor Op. 65 and Introduction and Brilliant Polonaise in C Major Op. 3 - vibrates with such a personal touch as to surprise. The same is true of Gershwin, for example, the world-famous Summertime has an innovative and original charm that words cannot restore: you should listen to it. The same, and more, can be said of Nicolaj Kasputin's Sonata No. 1 Op. 63: in it blows the majestic, cadenced wind of Russian music, the now sensual now lewd charm of American music, in an unheard-of amalgam of cello and piano that springs from the osmosis of two personalities of great technique and creativity.


Kapustin: Complete Music for Cello - Brilliant Classics

Da Bonaria a Buenos Aires




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