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How does Classical music Activates inner Emotions?

May 10, 2022

How does Classical music Activate inner Emotions?

But there is just something special about classical music. The great Beethoven and Chopin have such great creations that combine the melodies and sound of instruments to activate feelings. If we use the inverse creation process we can see that such music has been created using feelings that have evolved from the passion of those creators to offer a taste of their feelings.

Most songs have a video clip that unveils the story behind the song or the lyrics but, there are not many classical songs utilizing lyrics as this is the magic of the classical genre. This offers the ability to the listener to create their sort of video clip based on the emotions they have, the mood they are in at that certain moment, and most importantly the memories they have in life. Our brain always tries to associate different emotions with memories that have happened throughout our life. A study has shown that music is very good at offering people with Alzheimer's disease stability in their memories by remembering things based on the songs as well as the emotions they have whilst listening to the song.

Another ideology that goes well with classical music is the fact of simplicity, In today’s society we are looking too much for perfection by being complex but I believe that beauty is the imperfection represented by simplicity. Furthermore, such a simple genre yet so complex by the magnitude of talented souls it takes to create and master is showing that maybe the way that we describe simplicity goes upon again on personality from a psychological point of view.


The psychological point of view


Recent research in psychoneuroendocrinology and molecular markers in the origin of emotions evoked by music has shown promising results toward to efficiency of using music to stimulate the brain. Most of the other research that has been conducted based on this topic has been towards showing how music can help with mental illnesses or healing of a bad mental state.

Interesting research conducted by Balkwill and Thompson (1990) has shown that people who listen to a variety of musical types and genres are more sensitive to evoking emotions. It is very fascinating the number of people that have also shown different types of emotions based on the genres of different songs.

This can also be used as a motivational factor, trying to evoke different types of emotions to stimulate the motivational system of a person. A good fact about classical music is that it has also been used in the study of intellectual emotions, These are the emotions that are represented by only a few people to enhance the intellect as well as the ability to acknowledge foreign subjects.

Music is a universal component of the human experience. There was a popular idea that children who listen to Mozart´s music become smarter, this phenomenon was called “Mozart˙s effect”.

Emotions are key to our survival. One study showed that Opera can evoke empathy in people.


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