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Ziv Eitan

Instrumentalists / Percussion


Ziv Eitan is a multifaceted artist whose work is considered groundbreaking. The

combination   of   boundless   talent   and   innovativeness   has   made   him   into   an

extraordinary musician.   Eitan is a virtuoso as a percussion soloist, having gained

phenomenal mastery of the marimba and percussion instruments.  His captivating

on-stage charisma can be attributed to his virtuosity, his mesmerizing playing and his

first-rate technical ability to perform any style of music.  Eitan has mastered more

than 50 different kinds of percussion instruments.  He is regarded as the ultimate

percussionist artist among classical composers thanks to his unique performance


The singular musical language that Eitan has developed integrates a number of

styles: classical music, world music and electronic music. He represents a new and

original musical worldview in the "classical-artistic" sphere.

Ziv Eitan was born in Israel in 1970.  He initially studied under Alon Bor, the principal

percussionist of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, and continued his studies at the

Rubin Academy of Music in Tel Aviv.  After graduation, Eitan took additional courses

at  the Royal  Academy of Music in Copenhagen,  where he studied under Prof.

Bennett Liluff.   He also studied under the best classical soloists in New York: Jim

Price, Gordon Stout, Lee Howard Stevens, and William Marsh.   During the same

period, Eitan also learned to play Latin percussion instruments under Jerry Gerbel

and a drum set under David Rich.

In 1994, while still engaged in his studies, Eitan began to appear at dance clubs in

New   York,   combining   percussion   instruments   and   electronic   music   in   his

performances.  Upon completion of his studies, he began to develop his own musical

language, which integrates a number of musical styles: classical, electronic and world


Ziv Eitan has received numerous grants, including: financial support from the Israeli

Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports for his novel concert "A Journey into the

Rhythm" which he initiated, created and performed in 2002; grants from the Tel-Aviv

Yehoshua Rabinowitz Foundation for the Arts for original music written with the

classical   composers   Daniel   Elshach   and   Tzach   Drory   in   2003,   2004   and   2006; scholarships from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation (for 10 years).

Ziv Eitan toured twice as a soloist with the Israel Philharmonic's Choir in Europe, and

also did a concert tour in the Far East with his performance "A Journey into the

Rhythm"   (March   2005).     He   also   appeared   at   a   huge   event   marking   Israel's Independence Day in Berlin (May 2006), performing "A Journey into the Rhythm."

He often appears before children and teens on behalf of the Ministry of Education

(under the cultural events allocation) and "Omanut La'am" ("Art for the Nation").

Currently, Ziv Eitan is also active in the contemporary dance scene, in addition to his

classical concerts and large public performances.   Israel's best composers write

music especially for him due to his unusual performing technique.  His shows are

successful both in Israel and abroad and have won wide acclaim from audiences and

critics alike.

Eitan is presently working on his third album. His first album, "A Journey into

Rhythm", is being distributed by the German company PKS Group in Europe and

North America.   His second album, which came out at the beginning of 2007, is

called "No Limits."

Ziv Eitan performed with “ journey into rhythm” at the official opening event of the

Israel Festival, which was televised live on Channel 2 (2002), following an earlier

performance   at   the   Israel  Festival   (1999).   He   has   appeared   at   the   Israel  Prize ceremonies (2003), shown live on Channel 1, and at the Israeli Nobel Prize ceremony (2005).


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