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Saulius Petreikis

World Music


Saulius Petreikis – is one of the few people in Europe who has a unique collection of musical instruments from all over the world and is using them to create and perform his own music. Although Saulius studied classical trumpet in Klaipėda’s Stasys Šimkus Conservatory (2001-2004) and Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (2004 – 2010) also played in the brass band „Trimitas“ (2006 – 2008), for the last ten years he is genuinely exploring the World Music. 

While playing music he connects light-playfulness and deep sincerity, spontaneous expression, and inclination to a synthesis of different styles. Saulius professionally plays various wind instruments from all over the world; he can skillfully handle classical and Indian bansuri, Chinese hulusi and dizi, Greek floghera, North and South American, Nepalese flutes, Irish and Scottish flutes, Persian ney, Armenian duduk and zurna, Slovakian fujara, Italian, South American and Hungarian ocarina, Australian didgeridoo, Caribbean shells, Slovakian whistle (svilpa), harmonicas. He can also play Hawaiian ukulele, African kalimba, shekere, djembe, and is practicing Tuvan guttural singing or Tibetan overtone chanting. Raised in a family of folk musicians, of course, Saulius pays a lot of attention to Lithuanian folk music – he plays various horns, whistles (švilpynė), reed-pipes (birbynė), panpipes (skudučiai), lumzdeliai, Pentecost horns and kanklės. Saulius Petreikis is always looking for new sounds, is daring to experiment and improvise, that‘s why many masters from diverse countries are constantly giving him compliments for his rapid improvement in playing. He was learning the secrets of Eastern wind instruments from Armenian, Persian and Indian players: Djivan Gasparian, Muhammad Rasouli, Nadaprem (Ernest Japifanov).

Saulius Petreikis has a colorful program that differs every time according to the audience and the space where it is played. He has already performed his solo program in almost every country in Europe. Saulius also have visited and played USA and China. In all of those countries, audiences appreciated him as an extraordinary original performer and composer. Saulius Petreikis collaborates with different Lithuanian and foreign artists, not only musicians but dancers, actors and directors too. He is also creating music for theatre performances.


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