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Salvador Sánchez

Instrumentalists / Piano


Salvador Sanchez is a versatile pianist and composer.

He performs within a wide range of repertoires, styles, and genres. I like to challenge myself as a pianist and as a composer. My priority as a musician is to blur the lines between "classical" and "contemporary" and bring both to new audiences.

As a performer, he likes to play repertoires from different eras of music, trying to create an immersive experience with the audience, and like to create a relaxed atmosphere at concerts by interacting with the audience.

As a composer, he likes to experiment with many different sounds and genres, from punk, rock, electronic, or flamenco music to orchestral music. My experimental project “Volk” allows me to develop as a musician beyond the limitations of classical music, introducing me to electronic music and dance circuits.

As a pianist, Salvador has had the privilege of playing in some of the best venues in Spain and the UK. In September 2021, I performed Brahms Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 1 in the Provincial Auditorium of León to more than 600 people, achieving a recognized success with the public and critics.

A few months earlier performed the entire work “Goyescas: Los majos enamorados” by Enrique Granados, at the Bluthnër Piano Center in London, under the patronage of The Keyboard Charitable Trust. I performed the same repertoire at the "Juan Gil-Albert" Cultural Institute in Alicante and the Sala Eutherpe in León, Spain.

Under the aegis of The Keyboard Charitable Trust, I will partially perform Las Goyescas along with other works at the British Institute in Florence, Italy on June 30, 2022.

As a piano player, have received various awards. Thus, In 2019, won the renowned Edinburgh Competition Festival by performing Ravel's Concerto in G major for Piano and Orchestra at Edinburgh's Queen's Hall. In 2018, I was the winner of the "Director's Recital Prize" organized by St. Mary's Music School in St. Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh, where he performed a program that included pieces by Scarlatti, Britten, and Chopin. Finally, in 2015, I was awarded the Second Prize in the prestigious “Jacinto Guerrero” contest in Toledo, Spain

Composition is part of my way of understanding music as a whole.

Thus, I have composed different contemporary pieces within the classical canons, among others: a 45-minute work for Great Orchestra and Choir; a 12-minute piece for Solo Viola; a short work for Voice, Clarinet, Harp and Double Bass that was premiered by the “Hermes Experiment” Group at the Royal College of Music and a 17-minute work for Accordion and Piano, commissioned by accordionist Sofía Ros.

In 2020 I participated in the www.treephonia.com project to accompany some trees with music in Kensington Gardens, London, a project promoted by the Royal College of Music.

Among my most avant-garde projects, I have had the opportunity to compose, commissioned by the East London Music Group, a 10-minute piece for Electromagnetic Piano, String Quartet, Flute, and Clarinet. Its premiere will take place in July 2022, at the Festival of Music and Arts in Deal, England.

He would like to highlight that my work for the string quartet “Black Rhapsody” won the composition award “Isobel Dunlop Competition Prize” in Edinburgh and was premiered in 2017 by the St. Mary’s Quartet in Edinburgh.

Salvador is currently working on two works: a chamber work for Cello, Piano, and Percussion that will be premiered on February 23 at the Royal College of Music in a program together with works by John Adams and Ralph Vaughan William; and a Concerto for Piano and Large Orchestra.

Under the name “Volk” I compose and perform experimental and electronic music and have several videos and EPs under this name, accumulating more than 15,000 streams across all platforms.

Salvador has done all this personal, academic, and professional journey guided by extraordinary professors. Currently, I study piano and composition at the Royal College of Music in London under professors Danny Driver and Alison Kay. During my time at St. Mary’s Music School in Edinburgh, I had the privilege of being under the tutelage of Margaret Wakeford and Tom David Wilson. In Spain my teachers were Pedro Vera, Pablo Gómez Ábalos and Sue-hee Myong. Finally, I would like to highlight that I have also received lectures from Steven Osborne, Pascal Rogé, and Martin Roscoe, among many others.



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