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Pavlo Titiaiev

Instrumentalists / Trombone


Trombonist Pavlo Titiaiev is one of the most remarkable musical talents of his generation, winner of about 15 international awards and competitions such as the Golden  Classical Music Awards (New York, USA), Lieksa International Trombone Competition  (Finland), ITA Alto Trombone Competition (USA) and many others. In 2019 Pavlo makes his solo debut at Carnegie Hall and has repeatedly performed at concert halls in Ukraine,  Poland, Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Germany, United States of America.

Pavlo Titiaiev was born in 1999 in Lutsk (Ukraine) into a family of professional musicians (mother plays cello, the father plays piano and trombone). He started playing trombone at the age of 13. His first teacher is his father - Andrii Titiaiev.

After one year of trombone playing, Pavlo becomes the III Prize winner of the  10th Classical Meridian Competition (Kyiv, 2014) and the diploma winner of Paweł  Wałoszczyk Polish National Competition for Trombonists and Tubists (Bytom, 2014).

And next, in 2015, he becomes the prize winner of three prestigious competitions in Ukraine and Poland: 1st Kyiv Competition of Brass Performers (Kyiv, I  Prize), the National competition "The New Names of Ukraine" (Kyiv), International Brass  Competition (Wrocław, III Prize). Also this year Pavlo has a debut in Lviv with the  Collegium Musicum Orchestra (today - Ukrainian Festival Orchestra) conducted by Ivan  Ostapovych. In 2016 musician again achieved considerable success, becoming a 1st  Prize winner of the National Brass Competition(Odesa), 1st Prize winner of the 2nd Kyiv Brass  Competition, and 1st Prize winner of Pawel Wałoszczyk Polish National Competition for  Trombonists and Tubists(Bytom).

In 2016 Pavlo Titiaiev begins his studies at the Karol Szymanowski Music  Academy in Katowice (Poland), where from 2016-to 2018 he studies in the class of Prof.  Michał Mazurkiewicz. So, in 2017 becoming a finalist of the International Brass  Competition in Gdansk (Poland) and a 2nd Prize winner of the International Brass  Competition in Brno (Czech Republic), Pavlo Titiaiev participates in International  Trombone Association (ITA) competitions (California, USA) and becomes a winner of two competitions - the tenor trombone under 18 (Gilberto Gagliardi Trombone  Competition) and the alto trombone under 25 (ITA Alto Trombone Competition).

In 2018 Pavlo Titiaiev begins his studies at the Hannover University of Music,

Drama and Media (Germany) in the class of Prof. Jonas Bylund. In 2019 Pavlo becomes a 1st Prize winner of the Robert Marsteller International Competition (Muncie,  USA) and 2nd Prize winner (first prize was not awarded) of the International Trombone  Competition in Lieksa (Finland), as well Pavlo becomes a winner of the Golden  Classical Music Awards (New York, USA) and makes his solo debut at Carnegie Hall.

As a soloist, Pavlo Titiaiev collaborated with Aichi Chamber Orchestra (Japan),

Collegium Musicum Orchestra (today - Ukrainian Festival Orchestra)(Lviv, Ukraine),  Cantabile Chamber Orchestra (Lutsk, Ukraine), Symphony Orchestra of Gdańsk Music  Academy(Poland), Chernivtsi Philharmonic Orchestra (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) and collaborated with conductors such as Yuri Nitta, Tovi Rivets, Yosyp Sozansky, Ivan  Ostapovych, and others.

In 2020 Pavlo releases his debut album 'Après un rêve’ with label ABC-Roxxon


In the repertoire of Pavlo Titiaiev are different genres and a variety of works not only for trombone, but also translations of works for other instruments: wind, strings, piano, and vocals.


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