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Patricia Pouchulu



An outstanding female representative of orchestral conduction in Argentina, a prestigious educator and a researcher on music and compared literature. She has a vast humanistic knowledge and remarkable artistic trajectory as an orchestra conductor, a great love for artistic teaching as well as practic and fluid concert management. She also leads La Bella Música Civil Association, organizing concerts since 1999.


Degrees in Music

Bachelor in orchestral conducting at the Universidad Nacional de las Artes (National Arts University)

Pianist graduated from Conservatorio Nacional de Musica (Argentina’s National Conservatoire of Music) with higher studies in composition and choral direction

Degrees in other subjects

French Professor and Specialist on 20th-century Literature at Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado en Lenguas Vivas (National Superior Institute for the Teaching of Living Languages)

Improvement, Updating, and / or Specialization

In Argentina

She received the guidance from Maestro Pedro Ignacio Calderón (emeritus head of Argentina’s National Symphonic Orchestra).

Completed her training in orchestral direction with Maestro Carlos Vieu and Lucía Zicos (Universidad Católica Argentina).

Specialized in Cultural Management at ESADE (Executive Education Business School) in 2003 with her final thesis on integral realization, coordination, and production of Haydn’s The Creation oratorio at Auditorio Belgrano in Buenos Aires, for which she received awards including a major recognition from Asociación de críticos musicales de Argentina (Association of Musical Critics of Argentina)

In Europe

She received further education and training in orchestral conduction with Maestro Christian Kluttig in Germany, Maestro Michail Jurowski in Russia, and Maestro Colin Metters in EnglandShe also received the invaluable guidance of Maestro Guillermo García Calvo (Wiener Staatsoper).

She actively participated in the International Masterclass for Orchestral Conducting in Berlin with the Sinfonietta Berlinin Vilnius with the Lithuanian Sinfonica Orchestra, and in Moscú with the Russian National Orchestra, and was selected to conduct the closing concerts.

She was awarded a French Government Double Scholarship to perform higher studies of music as well as general and compared literature in the Sorbonne Université in Paris.

She specialized in classical and romantic music and obtained her masters, and the DEA of Doctorate in Comparative Literature-Music, researching the connection of both disciplines analyzed from a perspective of rhythm.

Guest conducting experience
In Buenos Aires City

Asociación de Profesores del Teatro Colón Orquesta del Congreso Nacional de la República Argentina Orquesta Sinfónica de la Asociación La Bella Música Orquesta Sinfónica Alceste Orquesta Sinfónica de la Universidad del Salvador en Buenos Aires other provinces of  Argentina :

Orquesta Sinfónica de la Provincia de Corrientes (Corrientes Province)

Orquesta Sinfónica de la Provincia del Chaco (Chaco Province)

In  Buenos Aires province

Banda Sinfónica de la Ciudad de Mar del Plata (Mar del Plata City)

Orquesta Estable del Teatro Roma del Municipio de Avellaneda (Avellaneda City)

Orquesta del Centro Comercial e Industrial del Municipio de Lanús (Lanus City)

Orquesta Concertante de Martínez (Martinez City)

In ChIle

Orquesta Marga Marga (Viña del Mar and Villa Alemana City, sponsored by the Valparaíso municipality)


Beethoven, Ludwig van

Symphonies N° 4, 5, 6, 7, 9

Piano Concerti N° 3, 4, 5

Ginastera, Antonio (Argentinian)

Estancia” Suite Op. 8a for orchestra

The farmworkers

Wheat dance

The ranch laborers

Final dance - MALAMBO

Mendelssohn, Felix

A Midsummer Night’s Dream” “

The Hebrides“ Overture

5th Symphony “Reformation”.

String Symphonies

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Symphony N° 29, 40, 41

Oboe Concerto

Clarinet Concerto

Flute and Harp Concerto

Tchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyich

5th Symphony

Violin Concerto

Serenade for string orchestra

Ballet The Nutcracker

Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcraker

Vivaldi, Antonio

The Four Seasons“

La Stravaganza” N°1 & 2

Maestra Pouchulu has also premiered several works. She was invited to Viña del Mar in 2017 and conducted for the first time Cuatro Escenas del Sur by Chilean composer Jose Aranda Riveros.

In 2018 she premiered Philip Sparke’s Jubilee Overture along with the Symphonic Band of Mar del Plata City.

In 2019 she will premiere in Argentina the Concerto for Piano and Orchestra Black and White by two-times Grammy winner Claudia Montero.

Awards and distinctions

In 2013 she received the Conductor’s Award from the Asociación de críticos musicales de la Argentina (Association of Musical Critics of Argentina)

In 2015 she received the prestigious Maria Guerrero Award for her contribution to art and culture in Argentina.

Maestra Pouchulu also received an award medal from the Hector Berlioz Association in France for her contribution in the integral production of BerliozL’enfance du Christ oratorio at Teatro Coliseo of Buenos Aires in 2007 under the patronage of the Embassy of France.

Recognitions for promoting female conduction

Throughout her career, she has received numerous awards and distinctions in Latinoamerica. She was given recognition from Argentina and Chile for her orchestral work and constant effort in promoting and establishing female orchestra conduction, in a region where such activity performed by women is still way behind Europe and North America.

In 2016 she was declared as a Visitante Notable (Distinguished Visitor) by the Honorable Concejo Deliberante de Mar del Plata for “Promoting women’s figure in orchestal conducting”


Since 2014 she has been invited to participate as a jury during many of the Carlos Gardel Music Awards, a ceremony that rewards the best musicians in the local music scene each year.

Symposia and Congresses invitations

Maestra Pouchulu represented Argentina as speaker in the First International Symposium of Women Conductors held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in October 2016 , and in the Second International Symposium of Women Conductors in Montevideo, Uruguay, in October 2018.

Performances in TV

Several live videos of her performances have been selected since 2011 to be part of the stable contents of Arpeggio, an open digital television signal broadcasted throughout Latin America. Furthermore, Buenos Aires’ Canal 9 broadcasted Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony under her conduction on Christmas Eve (2018) and New Year’s Eve (2019).

Ad Honorem Work

Since 1999, Maestra Pouchulu is the founder, president and art director of the civil association La Bella Musica, which is devoted to the promotion and dissemination of classical music as well as the promotion of Argentinian performers and female orchestra conducting.

With La Bella Musica she has already organized 800 concerts, being the most relevant International Festival Iguazu Clásico at the Iguazu Falls in 2004, and free concert cycles at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts) and Palacio del Congreso Nacional Argentino (Palace of the Argentinian National Congress). 

She has also conducted many symphonic and vocal performances at Teatro Avenida (Avenida Theatre) and Teatro Coliseo (Coliseo Theatre), two of the most important theatres in Buenos Aires.

Teaching activity

Pouchulu is currently a head professor at Universidad Nacional de las Artes (National Arts University) From the beginning, Patricia promoted the teaching of music at all educational levels, whether state or private.

In 2018, she introduced a Project to create the Academic Strings Orchestra at Conservatorio de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires Astor Piazzolla (Conservatory A. Piazzolla)

She developed her teaching career at Conservatorio Nacional de Música Carlos López Buchardo (National Conservatory Buchardo), Conservatorio de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires Astor Piazzolla (Conservatory A. Piazzolla), Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires (National School of Buenos Aires) and also offered diverse seminars at Fundación Bariloche (Bariloche Foundation) and Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (Bussiness University)

She taught harmony, musical language, choir, piano, advanced rhythmic training, coaching in orchestral conduction, repertoire, phonetics, and French diction for singers as well as for choir and orchestra conductors.


She is a native Spanish speaker and has studied French her whole life, which makes it her second language. She learned French at Alianza Francesa de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires French Alliance), Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado en Lenguas Vivas (National Superior Institute for the Teaching of Living Languages), and at the Sorbonne Université in Paris, while studying her Masters and Doctorate.

She is currently studying Italian at Asociación Dante Alighieri de Buenos Aires and English at Wallstreet English Institute.

Media Reviews

Pouchulu showed a careful, meticulous and detailed interpretation, expansive in great moments and delicate in the most intimate parts (...) Being careful with the timing, Patricia Pouchulu precisely marked the time, imposed a punctilious articulation and a game of dynamics and accents that gave prominence to the score”

Andrés Hine, Criticosmusicales.com

(Argentina, 2012)

Pouchulu conducts with a steady and serene hand an extraordinary harmonious orchestra. She achieved giving an expressive sound during the impressionist moments as well as to the dramatic transitions of the overture”

Klaus Billband, Der Neue Merker

(Vienna, 2013)

Patricia Pouchulu evidenced that she has the required drive in her blood to show off on the orchestral podium, with all the energy needed by the circumstance, but without losing her femininity”

German Serain, Martinwullich.com

(Argentina, 2013)

We must highlight the tenacious work of the head of the Cultural Association La Bella Música, who, beyond her proper work as a conductor, makes this annual private concert possible from her place as producer and manager”

German Serain, Martinwullich.com

(Argentina, 2018)

Hard-working and progressive, Pouchulu is proving commitment and overcoming in these concerts that conclude every year’s work (...) The director shone in a thorough interaction with the orchestra when performing the Fifth Symphony by Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky”

Néstor Echevarría, Diario La Prensa

(Argentina, 2014)

Patricia Pouchulu has crowned her activity by conducting a concert at the Avenida Theatre. Ever since she embarked in this new direction, she has shown meticulous preparation and an intense love for music”

Pablo Bardin, Buenos Aires Herald

(Argentina, 2015)

Patricia Pouchulu performs a task that combines talent and vocation, with charisma and leadership”

Cecilia Scalisi, Diario La Nación

(Argentina, 2013)

The whole set worked tightly and neatly prepared by Patricia Pouchulu’s work at the pódium, brilliantly taking on a baroque repertoire of lasting charm” (...)

respect for the scores and efficient synchrony in the direction and the musicians’ work”

Néstor Echevarría, Diario La Prensa

(Argentina, 2015)

Repertoire part I

Bach Johann Sebastian

Orchestral Suite N°1, 2, 3

Christmas Cantata” BW91

Beethoven, Ludwig van

Symphonies N° 4, 5, 6, 7, 9

Piano Concerti N° 3, 4, 5

Berlioz, Hector

Roman Carnival” Overture

Bizet, Georges

Opera “Carmen” Overture and excerps

Brahms, Johannes

1th Symphony

Borodin, Alexander

Polovtsian Dances“

Donizetti, Gaetano

Opera “L’ Elisir d’ amore” Overture and excerps

Dvorak, Antonin

Serenade for strings

Falú, Eduardo (Argentinian)

Suite Argentina” for guitar & orchestra

Ginastera, Antonio (Argentinian)

Estancia” Suite Op. 8a for orchestra

The farm workers

Wheat dance

The ranch laborers

Final dance - MALAMBO

Grieg, Edward

Holberg Suite for strings

Haendel, Georg Friedrich

Opera “Rinaldo” Overture and excerps

Opera “Giulio Cesare” Overture and excerps

Music for the Royal Fireworks”

Water Music”

Janacek , Leos

Suite for Strings

Khachaturian, Aram

Masquerade” Suite

Lehar, Franz

The Merry Widow Overture

The Merry Widow Waltz

Lloyd-Weber, Andrew

The Phantom of the Opera“ with orchestra & soloist

Mahler, Gustav

5th Symphony

Marcello, Benedetto

Oboe Concerto

Mendelssohn, Felix

A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Overture and Incidental Music

The Hebrides“ Overture

Melusine“ Overture

Violin Concerto

5th Symphony “Reformation”.

String Symphonies

Minkus, Ludwig

Grand Pas de Deux Act III from Don Quijote

Monteverdi, Claudio

Vespers of the Blessed Virgin

Magnificat from “Vespers of the Blessed Virgin”

The Coronation of Poppea introducting and excerps

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Symphony N° 29, 40, 41

Oboe Concerto

Clarinet Concerto

Flute and Harp Concerto

Piano Concerti


Opera “The Magic Flute“ Overture and excerps

Opera “The marriage of Figaro” Overture and excerps


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