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Nova Ars Cantandi



The vocal and instrumental Collegium «Nova Ars Cantandi» is directed by one of the most versatile personalities in the contemporary music panorama: Giovanni Acciai.

Refined musician, erudite man of extraordinary culture, Acciai devoted his life to studying, rediscovering, promoting and spreading the treasures of the past: a musical unpublished repertoire up to this time neglected to the public.

Founded in 1998 by Giovanni Acciai, Nova Ars Cantandi is one of the freshest and most original, creative ensemble in today's Early Music scene. Specialized in a rare, unpublished italian sacred vocal repertoire, N.A.C. is a leader team particularly admired and acclaimed for its filological, brilliant and excellent performances. N.A.C embodies the spirit of Baroque.

For more than twenty years this team of singers and instrumentalists through its concerts enables audiences to explore a musical world full of intense emotion and rare beauty: it's the repertoire performed in cities such as Venice, Rome, Naples in the time of Bernini, Caravaggio, Guercino, and so on. N.A.C. records for many labels: Tactus, Stradivarius, Universal, Archiv, Naxos.

Not by chance it receives regularly top ratings by the specialized Music press (Amadeus, Classic Voice, Musica, Diapason, Early Music) such as well several prestigeous awards: «Franco Abbiati» Italian Critics' Prize as best Early Music Record of the year 2019 (CD Leo) and the nomination for the International Music Award 2017 (CD Bassani’Armonici entusiasmi di Davide). N.A.C. has parteciped in various international festival such as: Festival MITO, Antiqua Bolzano, Pietà de' Turchini, Magie barocche, Oude Muziek Utrecht, Cantar di pietre in Mendrisio (Swiss), Trento Musica Antica, Orta Festival, RAI Radio3 (Music lessons), Musica Mirabilis (Clusone), etc.

It offers a wide variety of concerts, presenting a selection of unpublished works by composers such as Stradella, Bassani, Merula, Grancini, Leo, Durante, Legrenzi, Monteverdi. Since 2022 he has been a member of FEVIS, the prestigious Federation of Specialized Vocal and Instrumental Ensembles in Paris.


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