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Marco Locurcio




Graduated from the Musicians Institute of Los Angeles and the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Brussels, Marco Louricio is a guitar player, composer, and producer based in Brussels.

At the end of his studies, Marco begins a series of collaborations as a guitarist, arranger, and producer (Qu4tre, Nicolas Kummert, Jozef Dumoulin, Bert Joris, Teun Verbruggen, Erwinn Vann, Jeroen Van Herzeele, The voice Benelux,  Jennifer Scavuzzo, Vaya con Dios, Giacomo,  Lariccia, Asia, Declic, etc.). Also, he records five Jazz albums in his name.

Accustomed to the stage and festivals he performs regularly with his group and the project he works with all over Europe.

In 2019 he creates his own label “Lanewood Records”.



After a few years since his latest release « JAMA » (Lyrae records) and after many important collaborations as a composer, guitarist, and producer, Marco Locurcio presents his brand new Cd « La Boucle ». Accompanied by a fantastic band he delivers a piece of hybrid music influenced by Jazz and Indie-Pop. He tends to give special attention to the melodies, to their simplicity and accessibility, and at the same time to a certain rhythmic exuberance.


After the release of his last album "La Boucle" which came out in 2013 and many other enriching collaborations as producer and side man, guitarist Marco Locurcio presents his new album "Imagery".

Curious and obsessed with the desire to explore new sounds, he surrounds himself with a new rhythm section: Jacques Pili on bass and Fabio Zamagni on drums,  and Jean-Paul Estiévenart on trumpet.

‘I wrote the music for a quartet composed of guitar, bass, drums, and trumpet.

I needed a band with Jazz roots but that could also translate the variety of genres of the music that I had in mind into an organic result.

My first choice was Jacques Pili, he is an incredible musician, a good friend, and a long-time colleague with whom I recorded several albums. I’ve also asked him to have an extra role in the recording process, as an artistic supervisor. It was very helpful to discuss the music with him and to have some fresh ideas, it allowed me to stand back and take decisions more objectively.

I’ve known Jean-Paul Estiévenart for a long time but we never had a band together, I’ve always loved his lyricism, his phrasing, and his energy.

I met accidentally Fabio Zamagni two years ago. We were both of us side man for a singer and we played together for the first time. I was immediately impressed by his fine playing, his sound, and his good musical taste. Luckily, all of them agreed to work on the project!’

Inspired by jazz, film music, indie pop, and electro, his music is hybrid and accessible.

A mix of fine melodies, aerial ambiances, and exuberant rhythm.

A new quartet to discover!


After the release of his last opus "Imagery" in 2018 and many enriching collaborations as a producer and side man, guitarist Marco Locurcio presents his new project, for the first time in TRIO.

 A lighter and more intimate formula where the sound of his guitar and the dialogue with his companions become the two predominant palettes.

"I have always been attracted by the desire to play and record in a trio, it is a formula that allows a great freedom of expression but also much more "responsibilities".

 It is only last year, after having played every week at "L'Alhambar" with this formula that I felt that the moment had come".

 Accompanied by his acolytes, Jacques Pili on double bass and Fabio Zamagni on drums, fed by jazz, film music, indie pop, and electro, his music is hybrid and accessible. The finesse of the melodies is combined with airy atmospheres and exuberant rhythms.

A new TRIO to discover!


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