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Luca Morgantini



Luca Morgantini is a Conductor from Tuscany (Siena). In the first part of his life he completed his studies obtaining 7 different degrees (in chronological order Clarinet, Choral Music, Composition, Orchestra Conducting, Music Teaching, Band Instrumentation and II° level Choir Conducting).He perfected himself with numerous internationally renowned masters, among whom we remember Giorgio Bernasconi for the direction of the contemporary repertoire, Julius Kalmar for the classical and romantic one and Nicola H. Samale for the operatic one.


From his masters he learns and tries to put into practice the philosophy enunciated by Toscanini and continued by Celibidache: the conductor has the moral duty to present to the public as faithfully as possible the thought of the composer expressed in the score.


To summarize the activity carried out in his 30-year career, it is enough to remember that Luca Morgantini has conducted over 350 concerts in Italy and in Europe with various orchestral and choral formations (Austria, Czech Republic, Portugal, Malta, etc.).


Since 2018 he has been the permanent conductor of the Orchestra Sinfonica della Miniera with which he is studying the Classical and Romantic repertoire presenting it to the public with excellent results. He has collaborated with important soloists such as Matteo Fossi, Marco Pierobon, Andrea Conti, Chiara Franceschelli, Paolo Castellani, ecc.

In addition to his conducting activity, he has been a teacher for many years as director of youth orchestral formations with which he has won numerous dedicated competitions.  


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