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Juan Sánchez



Juan Sánchez is a spanish music producer, pianist and composer based in Barcelona. He creates Ambient Classical piano driven music. His dream is to tell his own stories without lyrics, which allow people to connect with the music on an emotional level.

Juan started taking piano lessons at the conservatoire when he was 14 and during the end of the 80’s until the end of the 90’s he was playing keyboards with different bands. In 1995 went to London to study music and technology and he was there for five years.

In 1999 Juan started making instrumental electronic music and since then he has been creating music for multimedia and sound libraries for music producers.

As a recording artist, Juan Sánchez has released three albums which have received very good reviews from music bloggers and magazines. His music has been used in countless of YouTube videos as well as short films and for a video commissioned by the New English Ballet Theatre.

In 2021 he was nominated for the Hollywood Music In Media Awards in the category of Best New Age/Ambient Music for his composition 'Le Grand Bleu'.

During 2022, he received an InterContinental Music Award for Best New Age song with his composition “Blue Nights”.

Some of Juan Sánchez music compositions have been included in the compilation album "Contemporary Classical Music" released by the Russian classical music label Oclassica.

His piano composition "Rebirth" was included in the piano compilation album "Keys Of Beauty" released by the American New Age music label EverSound also featuring the music of New Age music artists such as Suzanne Ciani, John Adorney, Michele McLaughlin and others.


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