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Izumi Amano

Instrumentalists / Piano


Izumi Amano is a prize winner at several National Piano Competitions, for example, Prize and Recommendation at the 16th JPTA Piano Audition, Finalist at the 24th PTNA Piano competition(Categorie: F), Fifth prize at the 15th Japan Classical Music Competition(Categorie: Students), Zenon-Prize at the First Yokohama piano Audition and Semifinalist at the Kanagawa Music Competition, etc.

She started the piano at the age of 4 with her mother Mitsuko Amano and played her first official concert at the age of 6 in Chigasaki/South of Tokyo. Through her musical and delicate piano playing Public just sleeping were awaked. An agent by YAMAHA contacted a famous piano teacher Yukiko Hibiya (Member of PTNA piano pedagogic society) and she started to learn with Mrs.Hibiya.

She studied at Tokyo College of Music and after that continued to study at University Mozarteum Salzburg with Professor Claudius Tanski and Master degree with Professor Rolf Plagge.

Masterclasses with famous musicians and professors like Dmitri Bashkirov, Cyprien Catsaris, Piotr Paretzny, Michael Schaefer, etc. She received a compliment from Dmitri Bashkirov.


2008 She appeared first time at the Opening concert of Summer Academy Radolfzell, Germany. Since this concert people talked about her “Did you listen to her piano playing?”

2010 Solist at the 1st International Essen Music Festival in Germany.

2011 Semifinalist at the Hastings International Piano concerto competition.

2012 Concert tour with an American Violinist Miranda Liu in San Francisco, USA.

2013 She was an engaged Pianist of a Korean Violinist Young Dokko who studied with Prof. Igor Ozim.



 She appeared also at the Academy Concert of International Summer Academy Mozarteum Salzburg.

2014 She posted her first Video recording on YouTube which gave a successful reaction to the public.


In September 2014 she gave her Solo Piano Recital in Tokyo. The program includes F.Liszt ‘s biggest work Sonata b-minor which gave big success to the Japanese public.


2015 She was a special guest at the International Stefan Zweig Society and played Bach=Busoni’s Goldberg variations BWV889 and other pieces.


2018 She played Opening Concert at International Chopin Festival in Poland on Krystian Tkaczewski’s behalf.


2019 She was engaged as soloist and accompanist by Mozart Concerts series “Music in Mirabell” in Salzburg. She worked also as an accompanist at the International Austrian Academy in August 2019. 


She played Chopin’s first Piano concerto e-minor Op.11 with Danube Symphonic Orchestra under the Dirigent Andras Deak in Budapest and this playing received a special prize from the festival competition.


June 2019 she played Mozart’s music at a City Opening Veranstaltung “Hallo, Salzburg!” in the famous marble hall in Mirabell Chateau where Mozart also played in his kid's period.


March 2020 Izumi Amano played a Solo Recital at Georg Muffat Institut in Altoetthing, Bayern Germany.


She played with many musicians like Tobias Woegerer(Vc), Tamara Stonja(Fl),  Anja Bartos(Vn), etc.


Her piano technique is especially characteristic because she has a big influence from the

traditional german piano playing. (Maybe it could say; A specialist for Wiener-Classical music) It is not listened to in concert halls these days, because many famous pianists today are wearing a new style of piano playing and having new technique and their interpretation, which nothing to relate with European tradition.  


Her teacher Mrs. Maki Hatanaka with whom she learned in her junior period studied in Hamburg, Germany with historical piano Pedagoge and pianist Conrad Hansen. So that she got strong Influence when she was a teen. And she keeps this tradition of piano playing.


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