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Hernan Bolletta

Opera Singers


He was born in Miramar, Province of Buenos Aires. (Argentina)
He discovered a passion for music as a child and, at the age of eight, he began studying singing and guitar with Alejandro Riaviz. In 1996, 1997, and 1998 he participated in the Buenos Aires Youth Tournaments in the “Male Popular Music Soloist” category. Since then, he has sung and performed his songs along with emblematic works of Argentine popular heritage.
He is a fan of Argentine popular music, both rural and urban. In 2001, he settled in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires to accentuate his search for roots for the 21st century. From there he began to expand his sound message without borders.
That was the beginning of his professional career, in constant growth, and which took him to travel almost all of Argentina, as well as to other parts of the world: in South Korea -invited by Bruno Arias-, he participated in the “Exhibition Yeosu International 2012”. He also took his music to Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil.
In all these years he shared stages with Franco Luciani, Los Tekis, Guillermo Fernández, Peteco Carabajal, Popi Spatocco, Oscar Kreimer, Enrique Espinosa, La Bersuit Vergarabat, Baglieto & Vitale, Los Palmeras, Patricia Sosa, Ibrahim Ferrer jr., Lula Bertoldi, Elena Roger, Hector Esteban Pais, Los Kjarkas, Rafael Amor among others.
He participated in Tributes to Atahualpa Yupanqui, Armando Tejada Gómez, Hamlet Lima Quintana, and Eduardo
“Negrín Andrade”, and is considered by the press and the public as one of the most outstanding artists of the new generation of creators and performers of roots music. Argentine folklore. Due to the color of his voice and the choice of repertoire that has the typical mix of these times, Hernán Bolletta makes his mark - with sincere, demanding, and deep vibration - in the Latin American music of the 21st century.
In 2017 he formed 3x8Producciones together with Carlos Werd, (journalist, writer, producer), and Gustavo Fontana, (conductor, producer). With whom he created in 2019 Sinfonico.AR “Himnos Argentinos” and in 2022 “Piedra y Camino”. Sinfonico AR Sinfónico.AR / Himnos Argentinos is a show that covers the most representative songs of all genres of Argentine music, from tango and folklore to popular songs, rock, cumbia, and quartet, all with the support of a band and an orchestra.
The show has 30 people on stage, including musicians, a director, and singers, and was presented, among others, at the Teatro San Martín, at the CCK, at the Teatro Coliseo, and also in the auditorium of Parque Centenario in the city of Buenos Aires. Some of the guests with whom he shared were Elena Roger, Lito Vitale, Lautaro Greco, Lidia Borda, Franco Luciani, and Xavier Inchausti.
In addition, some of his interpretations were set to music at the Hispanic American Press Congress held in New York in 2021.
Piedra y Camino is a Tribute to Atahualpa Yupanqui and Nenette Pepin Fitzpatrick. During this show, which premiered at the Teatro Argentino de La Plata, Hernán, along with the artists Julieta Lizzoli (piano), Seva Castro (guitar), Pablo Motta (double bass) review the legacy left by the extraordinary Argentine minstrel and his wife.
2001 – 2002
He sang with Melania Pérez, a former member of Las Voces Blancas and the Dúo Herencia. Vocal reference of Argentine folk music.
He sang with Sergio Tulián, a singing teacher who graduated from the Teatro Colón Opera School.
He sang with Dolores Barrios Expósito, a professor who graduated from the Alberto Williams Provincial Conservatory of Music.
2010 – 2013
Singing with Inés Cabrera, Music Therapist graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).
I sang with Mauricio Mayer.
He has been singing with Patricia Pacheco, until today.
Special mention in the Buenos Aires Youth Tournaments
2008 (June)
“Culture Award”, presented by the Directorate of Culture of the Municipality of Gral in June. Alvarado.
2009 (December)
“Cuchi Leguizamón Awards” for Best Soloist and Newcomer of the Year.
National Cheese Festival Distinction in Tafí del Valle, Tucumán. He was declared “Cultural Ambassador of the General Alvarado Party”, in Miramar.
2011 – 2012
Awarded by the Cultural Institute of the Province of Buenos Aires, in “Los Premios Atahualpa” as a new soloist.


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