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Giuseppe Maggiolo Novella



Giuseppe Maggiolo Novella Messenger of Music. Soloist pianist, composer, and producer. Is the first artist in the history of music to realize Paganini's 24 Caprices for piano solo, edited by Da Vinci publishing (Osaka), like the album Ennio Morricone Soundtracks & Piano works, included on the catalog Naxos library, and the musical score for piano solo La Catedral by Barrios. He means musical message as an “original sound” according to Schneider's thinking and Jarrett’s creative flow. Following this path created the concept album Seascape. Plays the piano like an orchestra and develops a multi-style repertoire from Liszt's paraphrases to Queen and Sakamoto. He has made over 250 pieces including compositions and transcriptions for piano solos. Author of a film script, movie soundtrack, and jingle for a spot. Master of classical and modern piano he curates over 100 courses, workshops, and webinars. Collaborations: Da Vinci publishing, PianoCityMilano, Studio98 labs, Ass.Mozart Italia, European Jazz Expo, Radio Monte Carlo, RSI Rete DUE Swiss.


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