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Edoardo Loria



Edoardo Loria is a young Sicilian pianist and composer, who graduated with full marks from the Alessandro Scarlatti Conservatory in Palermo. He has always been driven by the search for the secrets that surround and distinguish the styles of music of all times and cultures. Indeed, he believes that every musical style expresses certain emotions. It is inevitable to think that the alternation between the tonal center and the dominant exerts a role of tension and relaxation, as well as the persistent use of chords with dissonant intervals, as well as the addition of notes extraneous to the harmony.

The musical research of many contemporary composers has led to atonality (serialism and integral serialism) and the use of electronic music and the tonal potential of instruments or objects in a broad sense. However, the young pianist's research looks to the future but also the past, leading to the mixture of distant genres but united within his works through similarities and melodic, and/or harmonic or even contrapuntal references. For Edoardo, the artist must aim for originality without forgetting where we came from and where we are.


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