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Dèdalo ensemble



The dèdalo ensemble is born in Brescia, Italy, as a duo flute/piano becoming soon later a small ensemble sometimes conducted by guest conductors. In 1995 the ensemble has been legally established as an Association organizing a concert season named Sulle Ali del Novecento”  and appointing Vittorio Parisi as Artistic and Musical Director.

The concert season has reached so far (2019) the number of 25 editions. Since1999/2000 season dèdalo organizes a Composition Competition in memory of the Italian composer Camillo Togni that has reached the 9th edition and since 2017/18 the Conducting Competition on modern and contemporary music named to the Brescia City and the late conductor and composer Giancarlo Facchinetti.

The Dèdalo ensemble has performed hundreds of first performances with collaboration with important composers and playing the most important ensemble works of the last century and of this century. Besides Italy, Dèdalo has played in Germany, Spain, France, Hungary, USA, Albania and has recorded 2 cd records of Italian contemporary music.

The ensemble has also played and will play in the future, into the pit of Opera Houses for chamber operas. The ensemble has been officially recognized as one of the best Italian ensembles by the SIAE (Italian Author and Publisher Society)

Vittorio Parisi’s - Biography Born in Milano and graduated in Milano Conservatorio he has been a student of Azio Corghi for Composition and Gianluigi Gelmetti for Conducting studying also conducting in Holland with the famous Russian conductor Kirill Kondrashin. He has conducted the most important Italian Symphonic and Opera orchestras and he has been Principal Conductor of the Angelicum Orchestra in Milano and Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the Solisti Aquilani.

Since 1995 he is the Artistic Director and Conductor of the Dèdalo ensemble. He has conducted in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Albania, Romania, Slovakia, Holland, Turkey and has recorded many CDs both live than in a studio. His repertoire goes from pre-classic music to contemporary music with a huge amount of first performances and collaborations with composers like Berio, Nono, Cage and many others.

He has worked with many famous singers, soloists, and stage directors. Since 1997 he teaches conducting in Milano Conservatorio giving also many masterclasses for symphonic or opera repertoire and he is frequently requested as a jury member for conducting competitions.

Maurice Ravel:   Trois poèmes de Mallarmè
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Andrea Portera:   Danze dell’ubiquità
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Massimo Botter:   Seven blades
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Andrea Portera:   The Smell of Archetypes
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Marco Quagliarini:   Three couples
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Silvia Bianchera:  Ad una zanzara
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Avila Concert, Spain
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