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Accademia Il Giardino delle Muse ensemble



The Accademia Il Giardino Delle Muse ensemble, directed by Simone Erre, was born in 2001. The ensemble, whose formation is varying in time, is specialized from the beginning in the instrumental and vocal repertoire of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque, and it brings together important and established musicians in the field of early music.


The ensemble took part during the years in several concerts in Italy and abroad within important Festivals of Early Music. Of particular note, is the Medieval concert of 2019 entitled Ave Gloriosa Mater created for the Festival Vespri in San Vitale as part of the Ravenna Festival. The medieval programs are dedicated to the monodic sacred repertoire (Sequences, Gregorian Songs, Cantigas and Laude) and polyphonic (Clausule and Mottetti of the School of Notre Dame and Codex Montpellier), to the theme of bestiaries and instrumental music.

The Renaissance saw the ensemble engaged in different programs ranging from the music of the Council of Constance (1414) to the music of the time of Leonardo da Vinci. In particular, the ensemble Il Giardino Delle Muse focused on the Ricercari of Palestrina, music for dancing, and the sacred music of Palestrina, and Lobo, Ingenieri, as well.

As regards the Baroque period, the programs require concerts-shows around the Shakespeare theatre and the tormented figure of Caravaggio. On the occasion of the 2017 Monteverdi anniversary, the group created a project on the theme of Orpheus in the early Baroque. Moreover, it performed further sacred compositions of Monteverdi. Afterward, the group has focused on the figure of A. Banchieri, by performing both his instrumental music and the representative madrigals such as the Pazzia Senile and La Barca di Venezia per Padova. With reference to the late Baroque, the ensemble pursues the most important Italian and foreign authors, performing sonatas and trio sonatas for recorder and basso continuo. Accademia Il Giardino Delle Muse was also engaged in the performance of an Oratorio Pasquale by M. A. Charpentier, of the Musique de Table genre.

Important living composers have written compositions expressly dedicated to Il Giardino Delle Muse, given the high interest of this latter in 20th and 21st Century music.

In October 2014, Il Giardino Delle Muse released the first CD, with the Brilliant record label, entitled Preghiera. In 2018 the CD Fantasia Sopra La Sol Fa Re Mi was released for Studio Musica Production.



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